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Trade allowance

The situation preceding the Supreme Court decision of 14 December 2005 Cargoes in bulk are by nature subject of loss in weight during its carriage usually resulting from natural shrinkage, evaporation etc. This loss is increased for some cargoes by the inevitable dispersal of cargo during the load and discharge operations. At Casablanca port for example and particularly for wheat, the cargo is...                                   


Appointement of a New President

Pleased to announce you that Mr. Mohamed Margaoui has re-joined DEFMAR as chairman of the Board. Mr. Margaoui was the founder of Société Maghrébine de Defense Maritime (DEFMAR) in 1975 and the general P&I Clubs Correspondent. Having been the legal officer in Shipping Division of “United Nation of Development and Commercial Trade” (UNCTAD) from 1982 till 1985, and...