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Services guidelines

  1. send us by e-mail daily preliminary report including photos (if not possible immediately, due to some circumstances, the information should be communicated by phone to the person handling the file the same day),
  2. to perform your mission as per our nomination notice and customers'   instructions,
  3. to provide masters with all the assistance in notifying protests and all useful information on the operations if necessary,
  4. to collect and provide all information, evidence or documents which would allow the vessel to reject/deny any alleged shortage or damage to the cargo or any other claim presented,
  5. in the case of original documents collected from the vessel or otherwise, it will be necessary to send these documents jointly with the final survey report,
  6. the final survey report should be forwarded to us as soon as possible in order to allow the ship Owner to decide the further handling of claim (especially in case of bank security issuance).