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  • DEFMAR defends owners’ interests in matters of: P&I Clubs (cargo claims, stowaways and crew  members, pollution and customs fines, issuing/setting up letters of guarantee…). Hull and Machinery  matters (collision, assistance, H&M damages, contact with floating or fixed objects, survey prevention…).

 •Thanks to its long experience in consulting & serving owners either Moroccans or foreigners and/or their  insurers, DEFMAR Has been and is still the reliable interlocutor of the users of maritime transport, port  authorities, administrations, shippers and other cargo underwriters.

 •DEFMAR has succeeded to develop and maintain good professional relation- ships with C/U throughout  several years. Therefore, claimants trust us and accept our interim letter of undertaking “LOU” for prompt  release of the vessel or any sister ship from arrest without any delay. The long and close contacts with the  C/U and Port Authorities enable DEFMAR to solve the majority of the claims amicably and on the best  economical terms in order to avoid long and costly proceeding. Indeed “a claim settled amicably is better  than a good proceeding”.